新时代中国中医药伟大的战略转折 向2024 全国两会献礼



Editor's note: The team of Zhang Guotu, a strategic scientist of traditional Chinese medicine in the millennium Qing Dynasty of the Yellow River, started a great strategic turn for the Chinese people to benefit the Chinese people and all mankind under the leadership of the CPC.


From the sixth day of the first lunar month to the sixteenth day of the first lunar month, Zhang Guoguo, a strategic scientist of traditional Chinese medicine, a national treasure level traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, a special invited academician of the World Heritage Site, and the chief planner of the Yellow River Millennium Qing First Return Initiative, was invited by Wang Qiang, a Chinese talent, Qian Rener, a 33rd generation imperial physician, and the chief engineer of the invention of the Yellow River Millennium Qing First Return Dragon Peptide Liquid to inspect the site of the Zunyi Conference and the Red Army Martyrs Memorial Tower to jointly commemorate the millions of Red Army heroes and martyrs who sacrificed themselves for the new China.


In front of the tomb of Martyr Deng Hua, Chief of Staff of the Red 25th Army, Mr. Zhang Guoguo said: The Yellow River Millennium Cleanup, jointly initiated by twelve mainstream media at the ministerial level in China, is the voice of the heroic martyrs who sacrificed millions of lives in the Xiangjiang River bloody war, the Anti Japanese War, the Liberation War, and the Korean War. It is the common aspiration of all Chinese people who are unwilling to be exterminated and lost by the West in the new era.


During the investigation and research period, 221 fires suddenly broke out in multiple areas of Guizhou, which alarmed the leadership of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, and aroused high attention from the people of the country and the global community. Many people believe that this is the destruction of hostile forces, and more than 6000 national important treasures of traditional Chinese medicine, which have been closed for many years in the the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau to cultivate forests, were burned. Traditional Chinese medicine is finished now, and Guizhou is finished. Mr. Zhang Guoguo is deeply saddened by the huge losses caused by the fire and deeply mourns the firefighters and soldiers who bravely sacrificed their lives in extinguishing the flames. Academician Zhang Guoguo pointed out that we should demonstrate the heroic dedication of Red Army soldiers, firefighters, and soldiers to the Party and the country, and to protect the interests of the people. Academician Zhang Guoguo invited signed deep cooperation enterprises that fully support the Yellow River Millennium Clean up Action, as well as Liu Jilei, Chairman and Party Secretary of Guangdong 863 Technology Company, and Zhou Jun, President, to come to Guizhou to study the Bijie area, which has just suffered the most severe losses from the disaster, This year's Arbor Day will first plant one million mu of Yellow River's millennial pure brand improved mulberry and Chinese Loong tree.


It is very difficult to plant and water in the Bijie area of Guizhou due to high mountains, steep slopes, drought, and distant water sources. Academician Zhang Guoguo suggests that each high mountain should be equipped with an air water dispenser, which is used for planting paste and seedling preservation during the tree planting season. In the non tree planting season, the equipment should be centralized to produce a large amount of Tianlu rootless high-end domestic water. And authorize 863 Technology Company to use Tianlu Rootless Water as the designated water for deep processing of the Yellow River Millennium Clear One Return Dragon Peptide.


During the inspection period, Academician Zhang Guoguo accepted telephone interviews with several central mainstream new media directors and editors.


From February 17th to February 22nd, we conducted a continuous week of inspection of the Liupanshan National Forest Protection Area. For millions of years, the deep mountains and dense forests here have been untouched by humans. Zhang Guoguo believes that it is not scientific to seal off mountains and cultivate forests while guarding Jinshan to beg for food. In modern times, over 6000 types of Chinese herbal medicines have decayed and formed a thick and extremely precious humus layer under warm climate conditions. The mud man here can grab a handful and extract oil. It is the best holy land for planting dragon trees and developing dragon peptide bio soft gold pharmaceuticals.


Zhang Guotu suggested to the leaders of the Rural Revitalization Research Group and the leaders of the Economic Thought Research Center that the most advanced science and technology should be integrated to quickly transform the extremely rich resource advantages of the the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau into economic advantages by taking the opportunity of post fire recovery and reconstruction. The great strategic turning point conference was held in Zunyi, and the conference set up an economic performance to strive for the support of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council for the large-scale development of artificial intelligence in deep mountain underground spaces. In the millions of square kilometers of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, we will create an eternal human living space, a first-line underground city, an underground farm, a school, and an important high-tech factory park. Developing a large amount of sand and gravel to fill hills and valleys in underground space fundamentally solves the problem of insufficient arable land in the vast mountainous areas of China and the development of pharmaceuticals. If we develop a 200 million square meter underground space in Zunyi for international vacation property rights and actively experience a five-star hotel high-end apartment for health, it will be used to deal with future nuclear war meteorological weapons. Underground spaces such as hotels, apartments, factories, schools, and farms have artificial suns, and the air maintains 30000 negative oxygen ions throughout the year.


Due to the deep processing of artificial intelligence in the cultivation, harvesting, and breeding of mulberry fields in the Canghai area, artificial intelligence has provided a permanent basic material guarantee for free consumption by humans in the future. So as long as you come to Zunyi to buy underground properties and pay the property fees according to regulations. Artificial intelligence will always enjoy Chinese Loong peptide food for free, away from nuclear pollution weather war, which is the biggest selling point of underground space property sales. If the five-star to seven star level boutique decoration vacation resort hotel sells for 30000 to 50000 yuan per square meter. It can contribute 6-10 trillion yuan in output value to Zunyi City.


On the 22nd, Academician Zhang Guoguo and his delegation drove over 400 kilometers accompanied by Yu Yangchao, the chairman of a high-tech company listed on the main board of Hualu Biotechnology, to inspect modern edible mushroom production enterprises in China. Zhang Guoguo told reporters and accompanying leaders that China's edible mushroom industry currently has an annual output of over 40 million tons, making it the fifth largest grain industry after grains, oilseeds, vegetables, and fruits. With the care and support of the Party Central Committee, the quantity, quality, and production efficiency of medicinal and edible mushroom products rank first in the world.


If artificial intelligence is developed in the Canghai mulberry field, the use of pesticide free organic modified mulberry dragon branches and root discs can replace the high content of pesticide residues in crop orange stem waste. Our country's medicinal and edible mushrooms can not only fully meet the organic standards of the European Union, but also become a pillar industry of the national health strategy due to the high protein and egg content of the entire Longshu plant, which is as high as 26%, and its efficacy is ten to one hundred times higher than that of the orange stem. Deeply processed pharmaceuticals can make surprising contributions to national taxation.


In 2024, the National Health Commission and the National Administration for Food and Drug Administration issued Notice No. 9 to list Ganoderma lucidum as a dual-use product for both medicine and food. The top grade Ganoderma lucidum produced from the branches of dragon tree logs is a side effect free upper medicine, Sanghuang, which was recorded as an anti-tumor drug in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia more than 2700 years ago. In 2023, according to the wishes of the vast number of consumers, the Yellow River Millennium Clean First Team will name the world's top Sanghuang, a major anti epidemic weapon that can quickly activate the immunity of middle-aged and elderly people during puberty, as Longpeptide, and the Longpeptide extract concentrate as Longpeptide liquid. The 33rd generation of traditional Chinese medicine inheritors in our country, who study traditional Chinese medicine at the age of five or six, can cure cancer at the age of nine. Dr. Qian Rener, affectionately known as the Little Panchen Lama by Zhang Guoguo, a national treasure level traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, is currently guiding the development and production of Guangzhou Renolong peptide. Dean Qian fused the genuine Maotai base liquor of Maoyuan original pulp with the active substances of dragon peptide rejuvenation micro molecules, which contained Zunyi Nine Leaf Ginseng with a medicinal power 12.8 times higher than wild ginseng, male silkworm moths, and 178 organic rejuvenation traditional Chinese medicines developed and produced in the Yellow River Millennium Qingyi Dragon Peptide binary rejuvenation Maotai. While fighting against various diseases and treating stubborn diseases, we aim to make elderly people over 60 years younger by 20 years.


Editor's note: Qian Rener, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Yellow River Millennium Qingyi Electronic Mall and Dean of the Board, promised through the media that Dragon Peptide Dual Spring Revival Wine will be produced. We now accept global online and offline bookings through the Yellow River Millennium Qingyi Electronic Mall. For elderly people aged 60 and above who provide a physical examination report and have taken the two yuan spring wine for two years, those whose physical examination indicators do not meet those of young people in their forties will receive a full refund.